Wall Systems

ToolLab's dust control wall systems will lower your costs and manpower by reducing the spread of dust, dirt and contaminants during maintenance work and other labor.

Curtain-Wall® is a unique, patented temporary wall system, standard-equipped with flame retardant sheeting, and is the fastest, most effective way to control dust and isolate construction or maintenance projects. 5' 8" to 13' high walls can be set up so easily and quickly that it is not only used for large but also for small projects.

Speedy Wall™ is the fastest and easiest temporary wall system in the world. One person can set up a wall up to 13' in less than 1 minute. No tools are required and the system uses all sorts of sheeting material.

Curtain-Wall® and Speedy Wall™ have become standard equipment for hospitals, hotels, laboratories, construction companies and maintenance crews everywhere. Staying true to our roots, we test and develop all of our products under real working conditions.

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