About ToolLab

ToolLab, Inc. is a veteran owned business based in Winchester, Ohio, USA, that is committed to delivering contractor-grade value to our customers. In 1989 we started as Curtain-Wall Company with a single product, The Curtain-Wall®. Now we offer an ever-expanding line of products to help abate dust and other contaminants, provide environmental and infection isolation, protect floor and wall surfaces and above all... make our customers lives a little easier.

History of the Curtain-Wall® Dust Control System

After nineteen years as a remodeling contractor Charles Melino Sr. was awarded the very first U.S. patent for a temporary dust barrier for use on remodeling job sites. He developed the Curtain-Wall® to solve the problem of construction dust spreading through his customers homes and businesses. His customers loved it! When other contractors saw what he was using they wanted one for themselves, and that's how the company began.

Today, our high quality, easy-to-use system has become standard equipment for hospitals, hotels, laboratories, construction companies and maintenance crews everywhere. Staying true to our roots, we test and develop all of our products under real working conditions.

We Love Lean Manufacturing

In January of 2013 we adopted, and immediately fell in love with lean manufacturing, a system developed by Toyota Motor Corporation.

At its core, lean is about seeing waste in a process and eliminating it.

Every employee (and owners) begins each day by cleaning, finding waste and eliminating it from our processes.

Since adopting laen practices, our manufacturing has become more efficient and quality has increased, production floors are so clean you could sit down and have a picnic on them and everyone at the company is happier.

The greatest benefit of our lean practice is... our customers get better products and service. This happens naturally because they are not paying for non-value adding wasteful processes. Lean is a journey with no end, because there is no end to the waste that can be eliminated in a process or a company.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident with the quality of these products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you haven't tried Curtain-Wall® or any of our other products -- we promise you will love them!

Contact Information

ToolLab, Inc. 3455 Cross Road, Winchester, Ohio 45697 1-800-424-8251 sales@toollab.com

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