TackMat™ sticky mats provide the most effective dirt and dust removal method available in a sticky mat.

With two footsteps onto a TackMat™, 94.73% of the dirt particles are removed from the shoe surface. The non-transferring soft tech acrylic captures the dirt, where it is securely held until discarded. Each layer is numbered to ensure one-sheet-at-a-time removal and to indicate the number of remaining layers. Each layer will perform many times before it must be peeled away. When all 60 layers are used, a refill mat can be easily applied to the reusable frame.

stickymats.jpgTackmat's sturdy frames come in two sizes: 24"x30" and 48"x30". Replacement pads for both TackMat™ frames come in a convenient 24" x 30" size, available separately.

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