Curtain-Wall Of Fame

Real-world applications of the Curtain-Wall® Dust and Contamination Control System in action. As you can see, Curtain-Wall® can be deployed quickly and easily scaled to a project of any size.

Preferred by hospitals from New York to Singapore, Curtain-Wall's® flexibility and ease of use can add privacy corridors and secure areas during crucial periods in minutes.
Museums and galleries worldwide use Curtain-Wall® to prevent contaminants from traveling from one gallery to another during installion or renovation.
Protect retail merchandise during store renovation or installing new marketing displays with the Curtain-Wall® temporary wall system.
Infection Control
Museum and Gallery Renovation
Curtain-Wall® provided a quick and reliable system needed to isolate this parking garage during renovation.
It's never too cold with Curtain-Wall®! Using the Curtain-Wall® temporary wall system these contractors were able to effectively block cold wind and rain on their exterior painting project one section at a time. A few propane heaters maintained the containment at high enough temperatures for easy, comfortable work and for the paint to dry properly. Best of all, the customer was delighted that the job was finished ahead of schedule!
Parking Garage Division
Cold Weather Painting
Welding Applications
Keep heat in and cold out (or vice versa) during window and door replacement with the Curtain-Wall® temporary wall system.
Winter Wall and Door Installation